Personalise your scooter with our large range of accessories. To help you find the perfect accessory for your scooter we have created this A to Z list.
Micro Accessories A to Z



The perfect bag for a mini adventure. Pack a drink, a snack and a favourite toy and your little explorer will be fully prepared. All our bags are waterproof and attach quickly and easily. Made in a range of charming, colourful patterns, that have been thoughtfully designed to coordinate with the rest of our accessories range, (not to mention our scooters), so your little one can personalise their scooter to really stand out from the crowd.

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Our pretty baskets, with matching flower, make an enchanting addition to any Micro scooter. Hand-woven, from waterproof fabric, the basket is extremely durable, with a strong frame. The basket attaches to the handle grips with two strong velcro straps, leaving plenty of room for small hands. This provides a secure fit which means the basket won't slip or fall off the scooter, no matter the precious cargo it may contain.

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Not only is a bell a stylish accessory for any Micro scooter, it is also an important aspect of scooting etiquette. Our range of colourful bells come in an array of designs and make a fun and thoughtful gift.

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Bottle Holders

Keep your drink cool on your scooting adventures. Our range of bottle holders come with a clip making them easy to attach to ANY scooter. The drawstring close will keep your drinks safe, while the neoprene fabric will keep your drinks cooler for longer. Micro bottle holders can also be used to transport other items.

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Carry Bags

Suitable for all Micro aluminium scooters, excluding three-wheeled, Suspension & Emicro Scooters. The carry belt has loops which mean you can attach it to your belt while scooting.

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Carry Straps

Make carrying your scooter easy and stylish with a Micro carry strap. The adjustable cotton strap with super strong d clip allows you to transport your scooter when you are not riding it. Useful for when travelling on public transport, for carrying your child’s scooter home or for hooking over the back of a pushchair to transport even more scooters! The fun print makes this scooting essential a carry strap to be seen with.

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A quick, easy and fun way to personalise your scooter or helmet. The Micro scooter flower has an elasticated band for easy attachment. Brighten up your scooter and make it easy to spot in the crowd with this sassy scooter flower. A great gift idea.

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Gift Sets

Fantastic gift set for all scooter and cycle riders. Each Includes 3 stunning accessories compatible with all scooters and bicycles. An excellent gift idea for all ages.

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We believe every one should wear a properly fitted helmet when scooting or cycling, which is why we have created a range of eye-catching designs in different sizes for safety and style. With added air vents to keep the head cool, adjustable safety straps, solid clip fastening and extra padding, our Micro helmets allow everyone to scoot or cycle safely.

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"Make your scooter handlebars tuneful. Simply attach the Honker to any existing Mini or Maxi Micro scooter Press the horn for a loud and satisfying honk."

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LED Wheel Whizzers

LED Wheel Whizzers with 3 integrated lights are perfect for scooting on darker days. With a battery life that will last up to 40 hours of continuous movement, our new wheel whizzers make a fantastic gift for all scooter riders. Please remember LED Wheel Whizzers are not compatible with Mini Micro scooters that have 3 spoke black wheels.

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Be seen when scooting or cycling with a Micro light. Rain proves no problem for these clever little lights. Made from silicone with a flexible body making it easy to wrap round and hold fast to the stem of a scooter. With 3 settings; constant, flash and rapid flash, quick release feature and bright LED bulbs a Micro light makes a great gift idea.

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Suitable to lock all scooters and bicycles as the cable will fit through the wheel spokes. With tough steel cable 1.2m long. Keep your scooter safe and secure.

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"Personalise your scooter with this silicone name plate. The set comes complete with 3 pages of stickers. 30 stickers in all with a mixture of letters and numbers. Made from weatherproof silicone. Easy to attach, simply wrap around the stem of your scooter. A great gift idea."

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Noise Makers

This fantastic new noise maker is a brilliantly fun gift for children and adults. With four amusing sounds and a long battery life the noise maker can be used on all scooters and bicycles for hours and hours of fun.

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Rain Ponchos

Suitable for children aged 2-4 years. Complete with hood, zip pocket and buttons for the best fit. The poncho folds back up into itself allowing you to attach it to your scooter.

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Make your scooter stand out from the crowd with our gorgeous scooter ribbons. A great gift idea for all 3in1, Mini and Maxi Micro scooter riders. Each strand is 23cm long and aso robust that they won't fray in the weather.

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Scooter Heads

Personalise your scooter with a soft, cuddly scooter head. Made from luxurious cotton with soft insides for a perfect scooting gift. Attaches to your scooter quickly and easily with super strong Velcro fastening. Suitable for any Mini or Maxi Micro scooter.

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Scooter Pegs

Children these days have a lot of kit, meaning your house and in particular your hallway, can often resemble an obstacle course made of shoes, scooters, bikes, bags and balls. Scooterpeg is designed specifically to clear some of that clutter, enabling you to keep your kids’ scooters tidied away and free up some of that precious floor space. It even means you can use the scooter deck as a handy shelf for their shoes when their scooter is hung up.

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Scooter Sleeves

For an instant update, refresh or as a way of handing down a scooter to a younger sibling a scooter sleeve is a quick, fun and affordable choice. Weatherproof and washable the funky designs will make your scooter stand out from the crowd.

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Make your Micro scooter stand out from the crowd with fun stickers. The pack includes 35 super sticky stickers enabling you to decorate your scooter. The stickers can be used on the stem and footplate of your scooter. Weatherproof, easy to use and bundles of fun.

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Water Bottles

Clocking up those Micro miles is thirsty work and staying hydrated is critical for a childs concentration. Our bottles and bottle holders ensure that a refreshing drink it always to hand. The thoughtful design of the bottles incorporates either a sports cap or integrated straw, while the holders attache quickly and easily to the scooter and come in our range of charming designs, offering a snug fit for the bottles to keep them cool.

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Wheel Whizzers

These funky wheel whizzers are great to collect and swap. They fit selected Mini and Maxi Micro scooters and make personalising a scooter a breeze. Simply click into the spokes on your scooter wheels and create fabulous patterns as you scoot along. An excellent gift idea for Mini and Maxi scooter riders.

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A beautifully designed, durable scooter accessory. Make your scooter stand out from the crowd with this whimsical windmill. Bundles of fun for riders of 3in1, Mini, Maxi and Micro Sprite scooters. Simply attach to the stem of your scooter and watch as the windmill turns round as you scoot. Made from strong plastic with a hard-wearing and secure clip the windmill snugly attaches to your scooter to create lasting, fun, scooting adventures.

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