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Micro Sprite Deluxe
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  1. Micro Sprite Scooter | Micro Scooters UK
  2. Micro LED Sprite Scooter Ocean Blue
  3. Micro Cruiser | Micro Scooters UK
  4. Micro Sprite Deluxe | Micro Scooters UK
  5. Micro Cruiser Pink Gift Set
  6. Micro Sprite Floral Dot Scooter Gift Set
  7. Micro Sprite Aqua Gift Set
  8. Micro Sprite Purple Stripe Gift Set
  9. Micro Sprite LED Purple Scooter Set
  10. Micro Sprite Purple Scooter Set
  11. Micro Sprite Blue Scooter Set
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Our two-wheeled scooters for children age 5 plus are perfectly proportioned and intelligently designed. Steering like a bike, compact and nimble, our Micro Sprite and Micro Cruiser are the ideal move-on from our three-wheeled scooters for younger kids. With small wheels for maximum agility or large wheels for maximum control, children can choose the model that suits their scooting style. Adjustable, foldable and backed up by the reassurance of Micro’s quality replaceable parts. For kids who like their flicks we have a smart range of stunt scooters. And to top it all our Micro Sparrow is the world’s first children’s hybrid electric scooter.
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