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  1. Mini Micro Scooter - Pink
  2. Mini Micro Deluxe Scooter Navy | Micro Scooters UK
  3. Mini Micro Deluxe LED Scooter | Micro Scooters UK
  4. Mini Micro Navy Gift Set
  5. Mini Micro Deluxe Purple Gift Set | Micro Scooters UK
  6. Mini Micro Deluxe Pink Set
  7. Mini Micro Deluxe Blue Gift Set | Micro Scooters UK
  8. Mini Micro Deluxe LED Rocket Set | Micro Scooters UK
  9. Mini Micro Deluxe Purple Set
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Our award-winning Mini Micro is the original three-wheeled scooter – bringing lean-to-steer ease to millions of children all over the world. Perfect for pre-schoolers from 3 to 5 years old, the Mini Micro is intelligently proportioned, lightweight and comes in a burst of feel-good colours. With Deluxe options offering adjustable handlebars and extra grippy footbeds. LED options with innovative light-up wheels. And even the chance to create your own riot of colour with our customisable Mini Micros. Our multi-tasking three-wheeled scooter for kids on the move.
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