Create Your Own LED Mini 3in1 Micro Scooter

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Design a totally unique 3in1 Mini Micro scooter for your child. Choose the colour of the scooter’s stem, grips, footplate and brake to create a scooter that’s as unique as your child. Use the seat... Read More > at 12 months, until they are confident enough on their feet; at around 18 months, the o-bar will teach them to scoot with greater control, which can then be upgraded to the t-bar once they have found their stride, from around 2yrs+. Only available on the Micro website – a fantastic gift solution. *Please note as this product is made to order a serial number cannot be supplied.* Read Less
  • Create a unique personalised scooter for your child
Stage One – from 12 months
A ride on with adjustable seat height. Adjust the height of the seat to allow your child’s feet to touch the ground and use the 3in1 Deluxe as their first ride on. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use.
Stage Two - from 18 months
By removing the seat the 3in1 Deluxe becomes a toddler scooter. With its short o-bar steering column suitable for small hands, it enables your child to learn to scoot at an early age. Intuitive ‘lean and steer’ scooting style will greatly improve your child’s balance and co-ordination which are vital for the development of early motor skills. The brake had been ingeniously designed, so that even the slightest pressure will bring the scooter to a gentle halt. The 3 wheels and sturdy deck provide stability, giving your child the confidence they need to master scooting. The lightweight frame enables them to negotiate pavements, steps and doorways without the help of mum or dad.
Stage Three - from 2 years
By replacing the o-bar with the new adjustable T-bar the toddler scooter becomes the iconic Mini Micro. In addition to all the features above the adjustable handlebar height means you child can feel comfortable when scooting (up to the age of 5).
Putting the luxe in deluxe
An anodised stem gives extra protection against wear and tear. The flexible reinforced fibreglass footplate with Micro branded silicone grip makes for a sturdy scoot. Exquisitely engineered the lightweight frame (the scooter only weighs 1.5kg) means children can lift it on and off kerbs easily. Non marking PU wheels and super soft grips ensure the scooter can withstand everything a young child can throw at it.
Built to last
All Micro scooters are precision engineered with incomparable attention to detail. A fundamental aspect of the iconic design is to ensure that key parts of the scooter can be repaired or replaced, no matter how many Micro miles it clocks up. This means you can always substitute worn out parts when needed, ensuring the scooter has a never-ending life and doesn’t end up in a landfill.
Swiss design and engineering
Exacting Swiss quality and award winning design pervades every single Micro scooter we produce giving you peace of mind. We are fanatical perfectionists, always and only aiming for outstanding inspirational excellence in everything we make and everything we do.
Q. What is included in the box?
The 3in1 Mini Micro scooter; Detachable seat; O-shaped handlebar; Aluminium T-bar handle.
Q. How does Stage 1 of the Mini Micro 3in1 Scooter work?
The first stage of the Mini Micro 3in1 Scooter is perfect for 1 to 2 year olds. Your child may not yet have found their feet but that doesn't mean they can't enjoy the fun and freedom of a Micro Scooter. Attach the secure and comfortable seat to the stem of the scooter with just a few twists of an Allen key and your young child can use this 3in1 model as a ride on scooter. The seat can be fixed at 2 different heights so you can find the most comfortable position for your child.
Q. How does Stage 2 of the Mini Micro 3in1 Scooter work?
The second adaptation of the Mini Micro 3in1 Scooter is best suited to children age 2 to 3 with an easy to grip O-shaped handlebar. When your child feels ready to stand and scoot, simply remove the detachable seat allowing your child to practice their scooting with more freedom and control.
Q. What are the advantages of Stage 3 of the 3in1 Mini Micro Scooter?
The third and final adaptation of the 3in1 Mini Micro Scooter allows children age 3 to 5 to ride like an iconic Mini Micro scooter. The strong frame and robust handle grips offer better control and improved steering for an unbeatable scooting experience.
Q: Does my child need to wear a helmet?
We always recommend that children should wear helmets when scooting. It is important that your child's helmet fits correctly (see our video tutorial here). We also have tips on encouraging your child to scoot safely. Please visit our Scoot Safe section here >>
Q. Does the 3in1 Mini Micro scooter conform to European safety standards?
As you would expect of a Swiss designed and engineered scooter the 3in1 Mini Micro has been Toy tested to EN71.
Q. What else do I need to know about the Mini Micro 3in1 Scooter?
A: The scooter weighs 1.5kg making it easy to pick up and carry. The height of the O-bar handle is 43cm and the t-bar handle is 61cm.
Q. Will I need to buy replacement parts for my Mini Micro 3in1 Scooter?
We stock replacements for every part of your Mini Micro scooter which means your scooter will go on forever. It's easy and simple to repair, replace or revamp your Mini Micro. You will find everything you need in the spares section of our website (including instructional videos).
Q: Where can I find out more about the 3in1 Mini Micro scooter?
Please visit our 3in1 Mini Micro guide for more information on technical specifications, to see the 3in1 in action and to read independent customer reviews.
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