Micro Sparrow Kids Electric Scooter

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  • Lightweight electric kids scooter for ages 8+
  • Motion activated speed control
  • Hybrid scooter: works as an electric and push powered scooter
  • 3 hours recharge, 30 minute range, 9mph top speed
  • Don’t forget your helmet and safety pads

The Micro Sparrow is a kids electric scooter like no other. Designed and engineered by our team of Swiss innovators this classy electric scooter features some clever design details and extr... Read More > aordinary usability functions.

The Micro Sparrow is one of the lightest kids electric scooters on the market – weighing in at only 11lbs. This means whether kids are using the electrical assistance or conventional push power they will be able to manage it confidently. There is no bulky electric motor, no chains and no wires. Instead the Sparrow is sleekly designed making it easy to ride.

A further clever design feature is the use of motion control. To turn on electric mode simply switch the button on and off – to get the electric motor going a child has to push the scooter along with their foot. There is no throttle on the Sparrow which means a child can increase their speed gradually and intuitively giving them greater stability and ultimately safety.

With a kickstand, extra-long footplate for better balance, a 2 year manufacturer’s warranty and free delivery the Micro Sparrow will electrify any child’s playtime.

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Perfect little extras
Micro Childrens Helmet: Neon Pink
Micro Childrens Helmet: Neon Pink
Micro Children's Helmet: Mint
Micro Children's Helmet: Mint
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Micro Children's Helmet: Aqua
Micro Children's Helmet: Aqua
Hybridity as standard
The Micro Sparrow scooter is a hybrid design which means it works as an electric and non-electric scooter. 2 scooters in 1 if you like and suitable for children from 8-15 years.
Ready to go
The Micro Sparrow comes ready charged so you can get it home, take it out of the box and go for a spin. With a 3 hour recharge time, 30 minute play time and 4 mile range it is one of the best electric scooters for kids around.
Speed control for increased stability
The Micro Sparrow doesn’t have a throttle, instead the speed increases gradually and is instigated by the rider pushing their foot along the ground. This is in our opinion the safest way a child should ride an electric scooter. The rider has complete control of their speed and it builds slowly allowing your child to be in complete control.
Built to last
All Micro scooters are precision engineered with incomparable attention to detail. A fundamental aspect of the iconic design is to ensure that key parts of the scooter can be repaired or replaced, no matter how many Micro miles it clocks up. This means you can always substitute worn out parts when needed, ensuring the scooter has a never-ending life and doesn't end up in a landfill.
Swiss design and engineering
Exacting Swiss quality and award winning design pervades every single Micro scooter we produce giving you peace of mind. We are fanatical perfectionists, always and only aiming for outstanding inspirational excellence in everything we make and everything we do.
A better way
We passionately believe a Micro scooter will change you and your family's life for the better. From inspiring confidence and building coordination skills in younger children, giving older children their first taste of independence as they surf the pavement, to revolutionising the school run, or journey to work for adults. We make travel solutions for the 21st Century sustainable, accessible, energetic and fun.
Q: What age is the Micro Sparrow kid's electric scooter suitable for?
The Micro Sparrow is suitable for children from 8 years to around 15 years.
Q: How does the Micro Sparrow work?
The Micro Sparrow works in electric and non-electric mode. To turn on the electrical assistance simply press the on/off switch which is located on the side of the footplate. To allow the electric motor to kick in a child must push with their foot. This will kick the motor in to action and will allow for a gradual increase of speed. To stop or slow down the electric motor press firmly on the rear brake. The beauty of the Micro Sparrow is its hybrid nature. When you don’t want the electric assistance simply switch the button off. This means your child can still use the scooter as a normal push powered scooter. 2 scooters in 1 for double the fun.
Q: What are the technical specifications of the Micro Sparrow scooter?
Age range: 8-12.
Maximum rider weight: 75kg / 11stone 11lbs.
Height of handlebar: Static handlebar of 82cm from footplate to top of handlebar.
Scooter range: 6km / 4 miles.
Recharge time: 3 hours.
Play time: 30 minutes.
Top speed: 9mph.
Weight of scooter: 5.1kg or 11lbs.
Power output of the motor: 80 watts.
Wheel size: Front tyres are 6inch PU. Back tyres is 4inch rubber.
Q: Can an adult use the Micro Sparrow scooter?
Although designed for children it would be possible for an adult to use the scooter as long as they were under the 11 stone weight limit. However, we wouldn’t recommend it as the height of the handlebar would be too short for most adults.
Q:Does the Micro Sparrow fold?
No the scooter doesn’t fold but the handlebar can be removed if you want to store or transport it.
Q: Can you ride the Micro Sparrow scooter in the rain?
Because of the electrical components within the Micro Sparrow we would advise against riding in the rain. The scooter must also not be left in standing water as they could damage the electrics.
Q: Does the Micro Sparrow come with a warranty?
Yes. The Sparrow comes with a 2 year manufacturer’s warranty which covers materials and workmanship. This warranty excludes issues caused by wear and tear, neglect or water ingress.
Q: Does the Micro Sparrow kids electric scooter come with a charger?
Yes it does the Sparrow also comes ready charged.
Q: How do I make the scooter go faster?
You cannot make the Micro Sparrow go any faster than 9mph. To get to this speed the electric assistance gradual builds ensuring your child’s safety.
Q: Does the Micro Sparrow have a brake?
It most certainly does. Pressing the brake will slow down the electrical assistance. It also works as a conventional brake when using the scooter in non electric mode.
Q: Is the Micro Sparrow scooter legal to be used on the road?
No, the Micro Sparrow should be used on private property only and should never be used on the road. To find out more about the legalities of electric scooters in the UK please read this post.
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