Micro MX TRIXX Stunt Scooter: Grey

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  • Technical specification & comparison >>
  • Handlebar height 690mm
  • Rider Height Under 140cm
  • Ideal for ages 5-12
  • 100kg max weight
  • 3.7kg scooter weight
  • Wheel Size 100mm
  • One set of stunt pegs included
  • Non foldable in order to maintain the scooter’s strength when doing tricks or stunts
  • Free delivery
A scooter to encourage your child to get outside and move; that can handle a scooter ramp as well as the school run, the Micro MX Trixx is exactly that. It can offer your child freedom like they've ne... Read More > ver experienced before. Engineered from lightweight aluminium, it is quick and nimble, meaning young riders can manoeuvre it with ease. The footplate and handlebars are substantially shorter than other scooters, making it the perfect model for 5-12 years old to practice their tricks and jumps.Read Less
  • beginner, stunt pegs, soft grip, shorter footplate, learning tricks

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Specifically designed for 5-12 year olds
The MX Trixx stunt scooter has been purposely designed for younger children who need a stunt scooter to practice jumps, hops and tricks at the skate park. It has a shorter handlebar for more control, lightweight frame for easy manoeuvrability and soft grips for comfort.
Why smaller is better
The MX Trixx stunt scooter has a smaller, lighter and more compact frame making it easier for children to manage its weight and size. The smaller than normal footplate for little feet give children more control when performing jumps or tricks at the skate park.
Built to last
All Micro scooters are precision engineered with incomparable attention to detail. A fundamental aspect of the iconic design is to ensure that key parts of the scooter can be repaired or replaced, no matter how many Micro miles it clocks up. This means you can always substitute worn out parts when needed, ensuring the scooter has a never-ending life and doesn't end up in a landfill.
Swiss design and engineering
Exacting Swiss quality and award winning design pervades every single Micro scooter we produce giving you peace of mind. We are fanatical perfectionists, always and only aiming for outstanding inspirational excellence in everything we make and everything we do.
A better way
We passionately believe a Micro scooter will change you and your family's life for the better. From inspiring confidence and building coordination skills in younger children, giving older children their first taste of independence as they surf the pavement, to revolutionising the school run, or journey to work for adults. We make travel solutions for the 21st Century sustainable, accessible, energetic and fun.
The original and best
Nearly 20 years ago Wim Ouboter created the first folding aluminium scooter for a journey that was too far to walk yet too close to drive to. Two decades later and with the introduction of the multi award winning Mini and Maxi scooters for kids Micro is still leading the way; providing transport solutions for the whole family. We are the original scooter company. We are pioneers in the field. We are sometimes imitated but never surpassed.
Q. Is the Micro Trixx Scooter right for my child?
The outstanding Micro Trixx Scooter is great for any child who wants to get a little more creative with their scooting. The shorter dimensions and ingenious Swiss design make tricks and stunts a whole lot easier with this model. What's more, this scooter is highly versatile, so when they're not on the skate park your child can scoot to school and back.
Q: What is the tech spec of the Micro MX Trixx Stunt Scooter?
The Micro MX Trixx Stunt Scooter weighs in at 3.7kg, handle height is 69cm. The deck width is 10cm, and the deck length is 47cm.
Q. Is the height of the handlebars adjustable?
No, the handlebar height cannot be adjusted; the Micro Trixx Scooter is suitable for any child 4ft 2in (128cm) and up.
Q. Can the Micro Trixx Scooter be folded?
No, the Micro Trixx Scooter cannot be folded. However, its compact size and lightweight frame allow for stress free storage and transportation.
Q. How safe is the Micro Trixx Scooter?
Each of our superbly built scooters is repeatedly tested to meet European safety standards. Thoughtfully crafted from the best possible parts, not only are our scooters safe but they continue to glide along for several years. With a highly responsive brake and robust handle grips, a Micro Scooter is the safest pair of wheels.
Q. Will I need any replacement parts for my Micro Trixx Scooter?
At Micro Scooters we promise quality and longevity, so it is unlikely that you will experience any problems. However, we do stock replacements for every part of your scooter on our website. If you have any questions about making a repair or choosing the correct part our professional, friendly customer service team are here to give advice and guidance 7 days per week.
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