We want to give every child the chance to enjoy the fun and feel-good of life on wheels.  And we think it’s our responsibility to ensure every Micro can be loved by multiple generations of children.
Which is why we created ScooterAid – to rehome used scooters with children who would otherwise miss out. 
The premise is simple. Every Micro Scooter is built to last. So when your child has outgrown theirs, send it back to us and we’ll do the rest.
We revamp and rehome your used Micro Scooter with children in need across the UK. Every pre-loved scooter you donate to us is another child we can help.
So far you’ve helped us bring some scooting feel-good to thousands of children across the country. Together we can reach thousands more.
Looking after each other. Looking after our planet.

Find out how you can donate your old scooter.

Scooting is Good for Mind and Body

We believe scooting is good for mind and body – and we’re on a mission to give as many people as possible the chance to enjoy its benefits.

The Best Things are Built to Last

Every Micro Scooter is designed to last for multiple generations – ever extra generation is another child or adult who can benefit and another scooter saved from landfill.

Enabled by Our Sustainable Design Ethos

Smart, Adaptable Design

Micro scooters are designed to be versatile and adaptable – flexing to the needs of different ages, different usage and different terrain.

Premium Materials, Expert Engineering

Designed with Swiss precision and uncompromising attention to detail to create the most durable scooters on earth.

Replaceable Parts

Every Micro Scooter is made with a quite of replaceable parts – so used scooters can be given some TLC and passed on to the next generation.