Does your Micro scooter need a little love and attention to get it looking and working at its scooting best? Then don’t worry – you are in the right place! Our scooters are engineered to be long lasting, every day accompaniments to enjoying outdoor adventures. But we also know everyone and everything needs a little helping hand once in a while. Our Micro Scooters website is the only place in the UK where you will find a full range of replacement parts for every single Micro scooter.

If you already know which part of your scooter needs substituting simply use the diagram to choose the correct replacement part.

If you need help identifying the problem your scooter is having or choosing the correct part please do call us on 0333 320 1030. Get ready for your replacement part’s arrival by viewing our video tutorials which show you how to install the part on your Mini Micro scooter.

We also stock parts for our limited edition version of the Mini Micro.

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  1. Bearings Set
  2. 1586 - HEIGHT ADJUST BUTTON – 3in1, Mini Deluxe & Maxi Micro Scooters
  3. Red Plastic Push Button for Mini & Maxi Scooters - 1141
  4. Small Deck Screw 1150 ( Mini And Small For Maxi)
  5. Stop Washer (Pair) for Mini & Maxi Micro - 1146
  6. Steering Link for Mini & Maxi Micro - 1147
  7. Maxi Shank: Right - 1237
  8. 1227 (2 pts) - B Bend (Pair) - Mini/Maxi
  9. 1138 (2 Pts) - Axle Bolt 42mm - Mini
  10. 1344 (4 Pts) - Axle For Steering Link - Mini/Maxi
  11. 1144 - Mini Micro shank left
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Showing 11 Items

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